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I’ve always complained about TV commercials in the Philippines because they all cater to mothers and fathers, and are rarely without children in them. What about all the single ladies? (And all other single genders, of course.) This article, “Are Childfree Women the New Marketing Demographic?” is interesting because at the very least, this hotel is looking at us now!

The Westin New York hotel has just launched a slickly designed package that “caters to women whose personal journeys do not include children.” This vague language is designed to include women who have chosen not to have kids (the so-called “childfree” woman) as well as those who might want kids someday, but just don’t have them right now.

Now of course it’s all about business and finding new markets, but what excites me is that people are starting to see those who identify as childfree as a real and substantive group. We exist! We’re not just aberrations anymore! I hope that this trend finds its way to Manila soon.