This article by Aubrey Hirsch is very insightful.

Once again we have a parent weighing in on the childfree choice, and once again we find understanding and support instead of anger and negativity.

The truth is, my being a mother doesn’t make me any better at or more capable of love than any other feeling person. My son is not some mythical creature that broke my stony heart wide open. He’s not this ray of light that magically gave my pathetic life meaning or transformed me into some amazing new person with extra overhead room in the cardiac area.

My kid is just another person in my life that I love. Like a sister, like a grandfather, like a best friend.

You know what that’s like. I know you do. Don’t let anyone tell you you don’t.

Thank you Aubrey Hirsch. And thank you too to everyone, CF and not, who commented on that Toast article, because most of you were civil and informative.