This Guardian article by Gaby Hinsliff talks about the struggle between the childfree and the Catholic Church.

Here are two of my favorite quotes. On social stigma:

For some that will have been a positive choice, for others painfully not so; and for a third group it’s perhaps somewhere in the middle – a difficult consequence of choices made but not regretted, a fork in the road not taken. But although it’s something millions experience, not having children still carries a wholly unfair stigma for both sexes, an unspoken sense that you owe the world an explanation.

And on people worried about the increasing number of childfree individuals:

Childlessness should worry us where it’s involuntary, or where it serves – as in the upper echelons of the City, or at the height of recessions – as a canary down the mine: a telltale sign of working environments so relentless or social conditions so tough that having children feels impossible.

Everywhere else, frankly, it’s no one else’s business.

Extremely well-written. Definitely a must-read. Thank you, Gaby Hinsliff!