This blog is dedicated to childfreedom, birth control, and reproductive health in the Philippines.


Hello, I’m childfreefilipina!

My ideal life is one with a good career, quiet nights spent drinking tea and watching old movies with my significant other, weekends spent sleeping in or watching plays and concerts, establishing a small business, taking yearly trips to Europe, and visiting friends around the world whenever my budget allows. In short, I desire a life unencumbered my what most people refer to as family responsibilities. I have no desire to pick up after others for the rest of my life, to be tied down by expenses that come with child-rearing, and I have never felt any inclination towards the “joys” of motherhood either. The lifestyle is simply not appealing enough, and it has never been.

I was never one of those girls who dreamt of white wedding dresses, a happy marriage, a house full of children. I never listed down the names of future offspring, as so many of my peers are wont to do. And I have never understood why women in particular like rubbing pregnant women’s bellies, or cooing at babies they see on the street. I can’t imagine myself waking up in the middle of the night to tend to screams, or dragging myself out of bed to drive children to lessons, or wondering where to get money for their tuition and unending requests for fast food, gadgets, and theme parks. These things have simply never made sense to me, and I feel that children are a hindrance to the life I want to have and the world I want to discover.

You may argue that there is a way to have it all: have children, a career, and travel the world. I agree, I’m sure that there is a way. I could also own an elephant, an English castle, and a wax museum of Star Wars characters. Yes I can, but I don’t want to. Parenthood is a choice, and everybody gets to decide. And in the end we all live with the path we took and make the most of it.


Coming soon, hopefully!


Drop me a line at childfreefilipina@gmail.com.

***The header image is by Colin Utz of Fine Art America.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hi! I am camille a student from the University of San Carlos. Me and my groupmates are currently conducting a study with the objective of finding out the factors that influence Filipino married couples to remain childfree. We are having a hard time finding a participant. I hope you can help us find a qualified couple for our study. thank you.


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